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A British Writer’s Response to the Lesser Informed suggesting ‘Inclusive Solution’ for Egypt

Linda Heard is an Alexandria based British author, columnist, and biographer, she has also been a commentator and journalist, who lived in Egypt for many years, and Alexandria is her home. Mrs Heard has much better understanding of Egypt and the situation far better than her own president and congressmen. She is fed-up of people presenting ideas and solutions to Egypt current ‘ crisis’ from a total ignorance stand.  One particular column was the last straw for her. I hope she accepts my apology as I mistakenly thought she was American, I hope I didn’t cause any offence.  Here is the story with those suggesting inclusive solution with Muslim Brothers as they stand with their current ideology..

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After Meeting Morsi, Ashton : Up to Egyptians, we carry no ideas

EU envoy Ashton meets Morsi, but didn’t refer to him by any titles like president, while emphasizing that Europeans have no plans or ideas to impose and it was up to the Egyptians to sort out their differences, while sources close to meeting said she advised Morsi to “accept new reality on the ground,” after the young people she met demanded that EU must recognise June 30 Revolution . Cairo politicians call British government ” Obama messenger boys,” as they give high profile to  EU in defiance of America.

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Today Daily Telegraph Leader Contains Factual Errors & its Message is Meaningless

The Daily Telegraph is normally better informed about the Middle East and Africa than other Fleet street papers, especially the leftwing ones like the Independent or Guardian who’s ideology blind them to basic facts on the ground. What is shocking about today ( Monday 29 July) Telegraph leader on Egypt  it  got it wrong, misleading, message is meaningless and worst of all contains factual errors and inaccurate facts.

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Egyptian People Rallied Supporting Army Sent Message to Outside World : Don’t Intervene

When general Abd-el-Fatah el-Sisi, Egypt’s Deputy Prime Minister for National Security and Secretary of Defence called upon Egyptian people to to rally under banner  ” No to Terrorism” and to give a  popular mandate  to ” state institutions” to combat terrorism, many questioned his motives since he did not need such mandate nor do state institutions. It is the duty of the army, police and other security agencies to do just exactly that , not as a favor or by popular mandate. It was the job they are paid to do and have been trained for.

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Media Morsi Case Reporting: Through Western Supremacist Lenses ?

The news of Egyptian Public Prosecutor office issuing warrant ( through judicial court order to make it 15 days since PPO can only legally detain suspects for 4 days then release if not charged )  for arresting the deposed president Mohammed Morsi is confusing and complicated to explain since most of evidence remain incomplete.  It is rather unfortunate that non of the media reports, here in UK reports is complete, makes sense – from a legal view point- or details fro ordinary readers, viewers or listeners to understand what appeared or reported as politically motivated move.

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Egyptian Playwright Ali Salem to British & Western Commentators: Gentlemen .. Rejoice with us

Celebrated Egyptian Playwright and commentator, peace activists and democrat  Ali Salem calls upon western commentators arguing whether what happened in Egypt was coup to understand realities on the ground. Here is a translation of his column. 

Gentlemen, thinkers and politicians of Western civilization, we have learned the thought of how to be practical from you, and it seems, the time has come to re-remind you . The proof of the pudding is in the eating. Rationally speaking, to  prove how sound an idea is, or how correct is a theory, isn’t  the components or philosophical structure of the wording of the theory, but the practical results, or the practical outcome of the theory/the idea. In theory, the questions raised and the argument about the rational of the idea. might be necessary or even logical in the forums of academe, but it seems, that such questions and arguments are designed to escape from reality due to an intellectual deficit in facing the facts and dealing with them as  presented by real situation ion the ground.

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PM Cameron meets UAE Crown Prince

Prime Minister David cameron received HRH Mohammed bin Zayed, Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, at number 10 in Downing Street earlier today. The two leaders discussed areas of cooperation between the two nations and the progress hat has been made developing strategic partnership since the PM visit to the capital Abu Dhabi last november.

30 June Revolution: Ripples in the Region and battle Royal in Egypt

Egypt 30 June revolution – despite the helping hand from the military ( some calling it a  coup) is by all measure a people’s revolution, causing some ripples in the region and beyond, and certainly earthquakes in many places sending the gurus and prophets of political Islam into a panic sprint trying to save what they see as their survival in places where they are in power by fluke after the 2011 uprisings have  upset the applecart mainly in North Africa, by means  election, manipulation. or by army intervention, or a mixture of all, like Tunisia,  or where they made remarkable advance towards power due to anarchy and arms like in Libya and Syria, or they were already in powers directly or indirectly like Sudan and  Gaza.

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Egypt: Interim Government & anti-MuslimBrothers Popular Movement Quarrel with Foreign Media

The Qatar owned al-jazeera desperate to salvage $ billions invested by the former Sheikh of Qatar ( replaced by his son Sheikh Tamim)  to back Muslim Brothers takeing obver Egypt. There has been over 30 staff resignation from the al-jazeera Egypt Studios ( Egypt Union of Journalists report) over MB bias, fabrications and incitement. Egypt wire, wireless  ‘ air-waves and Satellite Licensing issued instructions to licensed providers to block al-jazeera Mubasher ( a cairo Qatari broadcast in Arabic) for failing to apply for use of airwave licence, failing to provide information of end user and beneficial). the  Turkish Media desperate to back Morsi to prove that political Islam and democracy can cohabit hence they are selective in highlighting ” Morsi’s legitimac” and army excesses  ;  CNN & BBC sand other British and left wing European media who’s agenda is different; they either were taken  by surprise since the reporters they sold to viewers and listeners as  “middle east experts/editors” got it wrong proven they didn’t have a clue about what the Egyptian people want; and academics/armchair-experts who, with concealed racism towards Egyptians, Africans and middle eastern people , were obsessed  with the Turkish model as the best for Egypt since in their view, what they perceive and ram down our throats as  “Muslim nations” are allowed ONLY to be ruled by ” moderate” Islamic parties”, like The Obama Administration, they saw Muslim brothers as ” moderate” whose rule would be a necessary bridge to move from military backed autocracies started by 1952 Military Coup and the goal with is the Turkish Model, although some egyptians – not without justification see Obama’s plan as sinister move to create a pakistan model of puritan Islamist rule when the army is in the back ground if the Islamists overplayed their hand   )

The Muslim Brotherhood Global Organisaton

( MBTD is the Muslim Brotherhood Global Organisation, there is no exact date as when it was founded since MB denied its existence, but various intelligence report suggest the starting co-ordination with regional sympathisers  in mandate palestine, Turkey, Iraq, Arabia, north Africa and Muslim states of India – later Pakistan, in the second half of the 1930, especially facilitating the meetings between Islamist leaders of the Arab revolution there and german leaders from Hitler elite after 1936. One of the aims of establishing MB in Egypt in 1928 was world islamic Caliphate to replace the Ottoman empire after Ataturk reforms it became noticeable in the 1940s as co-ordinated activities aiming to  establishing a Muslim Caliphate world wide  )

In the Istanbul meeting this weekend, The MBTD strategy department, which operates under the banner The Global Studies Centre,   put some ‘ fighting back strategy,’ which include diplomatic efforts, finance, mass mobilisation and actual fighting in what argubley can be described as terrorism. Some of the tactics are now being witnessed in Egypt, like terrorist attack by MB affiliated cells in Sinai, involvement of hamas in gaza ( which the Istanbul MBTD meeting identified as the most harmed party in the International Islamist network