The Muslim Brotherhood Global Organisaton

( MBTD is the Muslim Brotherhood Global Organisation, there is no exact date as when it was founded since MB denied its existence, but various intelligence report suggest the starting co-ordination with regional sympathisers  in mandate palestine, Turkey, Iraq, Arabia, north Africa and Muslim states of India – later Pakistan, in the second half of the 1930, especially facilitating the meetings between Islamist leaders of the Arab revolution there and german leaders from Hitler elite after 1936. One of the aims of establishing MB in Egypt in 1928 was world islamic Caliphate to replace the Ottoman empire after Ataturk reforms it became noticeable in the 1940s as co-ordinated activities aiming to  establishing a Muslim Caliphate world wide  )

In the Istanbul meeting this weekend, The MBTD strategy department, which operates under the banner The Global Studies Centre,   put some ‘ fighting back strategy,’ which include diplomatic efforts, finance, mass mobilisation and actual fighting in what argubley can be described as terrorism. Some of the tactics are now being witnessed in Egypt, like terrorist attack by MB affiliated cells in Sinai, involvement of hamas in gaza ( which the Istanbul MBTD meeting identified as the most harmed party in the International Islamist network

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