Monthly Archives: March 2013

Press Regulation Royal Charter Welcomed by Third World Fascist Regimes

Prime Minister David Cameron, his Deputy Liberal Democrats leader Nick Clegg and leader of HM opposition Ed Miliband, who seldom agree on any thing, agreed to regulate the press opining the door for tyranny of the state to control the freest and best press in the world. The step is most welcomed by Arab dictators and despotic regime to emulate in more exaggerated forms to silence their critics.  Arab and Third world dictators as well as authoritarian and fascist Islamists regimes are delighted with our politicians’ attack on press freedom. They love it as the media they control are spinning how Britain, cited by demonstrators risking their lives for freedom and justice as mother of parliamentarian democracy, is today turning the mother of parliaments into a tool to censor, control and muzzle the press.

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