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The British Left’s Plot: Let the Leveson Inquiry Destroy Tabloid Press©

It is hilarious how British left which has doubled in volume its attacks on News International and Rupert Murdoch since the latter announced the launch of the Sun On Sunday ( a three million copies rolled out of the printing machines last night), are in total panic. Although circulation figures are not officially known yet, but from my own experience it is a success. If I hadn’t ordered my copy yesterday, I wouldn’t have got one this morning at 10:30 when I left the house heading for Starbucks in Hampstead village. Hampstead (where Michael Foot used to live surrounded by champagne socialists, and Glenda Jackson is the sitting Labour MP for two decades) is the heartland of The Guardian and The Independent; yet my local newsagent confirmed that all copies were sold by the time I approached the shop at 10:35 this morning.

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