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Coalition Energy Policy That Makes Little Sense

A government draft energy bill published today, lays out plans aimed to guarantee prices for low-carbon electricity and pay producers for providing back-up supply when wind power falls short, according to the Department of Energy and Climate Change. DECC. It’s aimed at securing commitments from utilities to fund new atomic reactors and clean-power projects, curbing reliance on gas-fed plants. As the plan invites private sector to invest in building a new generation of nuclear power plants.

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Behind the operation to Intercept Qaeda new underpants Bomb ©

There is more than what meets the eye in the CIA Saudi joint operation exposing al-Qaeda use of  undetectable under-pants bomb to blow up an airliner which was prevented by a devout Muslim taking pride in cooperating with non-Muslim Americans to eliminate fellow Muslims he saw as ‘evil’.

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Culture Media and Sport Select Committee on Phone Hacking

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The report finding is a bit daft. It finds Rupert Murdoch ‘ not fit to run an international company.’ This is a businessman, who has, for near three decades, running, perhaps the world’s most successful media business in recent history, created thousands of jobs world wide, revolutionised broadcasting and television satellite service. How would anybody take this report seriously.

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