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House of Lords Reform Bill

The government ( Deputy Prime Minister office) publish the house of lords reform bill.

the final electoral period Government proposes 360 elected peers, 90 appointed ones and 12 bishops and other spiritual lords.

here is summary of the proposed structure of the House of Lords:

I In the first electoral period the House of Lords is proposed to consist of—

120 elected members,  30 appointed members, then up to 21 Lords Spiritual ( Bishops and religious figures from other churches and  faiths)  . In addition to any ministerial members, and the transitional members for that period.

II – in the second In the second electoral period the House of Lords is to consist of:  240 elected members,  60 appointed members, up to 16 Lords Spiritual, in addition to any ministerial members, and the transitional members for that period.

III- Then In each subsequent electoral period the House of Lords is to consist 360 elected members, 90 appointed members, and up to up to 12 Lords Spiritual, and any ministerial members.

In reply to the committee report the  Government states that it accepts that a mainly elected House of Lords is likely to be more assertive, as it has been after every major reform to its membership. However, the Government believes that this will enhance the ability of Parliament as a whole to hold the executive to account.


Summary of the Bill:To make provision about the membership of the House of Lords; to make provision about the disclaimer of life peerages; to abolish the jurisdiction of the House of Lords in relation to peerage claims; to make other provision relating to peerage; and for connected purposes.

Link to the Bill on  the house of lords site


Reporting Egypt, most British hacks fail readers on basic facts

Shame, many British hacks failed readers/listeners reporting Egypt.

Is British media (with very few exceptions) confusing or misleading readers, viewers and listeners on the situation in Egypt? Sadly the answer is yes.I might (largely but not entirely) disagree with several Egyptian commentators who accuse British media of deliberate bias, or at least being selective in not showing the entire picture.

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Supreme Court Disqualifies one Third of Egypt’s MPs

The Supreme Constitutional Court in Egypt (SCC) ruling Thursday (14 June) on the legality of a newly passed act of parliament and on the legality of the parliamentarian elections themselves today polarised Egyptian revolutionaries whose 18 days protest last year toppled former president Hosni Mubarak. Continue reading