Monthly Archives: October 2013

John Major Energy-Bills initiative: Headache or Opportunity for Osborne?

A bold suggestion by former Tory Leader Sir John Major can either be a headache or an opportunity for Chancellor George Osborne.  The challenge of popular policy thrown by former conservative Prime Minister  to Chancellor  Osborne  could turn into his advantage by subtle pressure on energy companies which could increase David Cameron’s government popularity.

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Practical Aid for Syrian Refugees Was Made Possible by August Commons Vote

This an editorial I did for the Norwegian magazine Perspective last month. not sure if it is available in UK, but here is the editorial now the magazine is out  

The House of Commons vote on Syria, 29 August, triggered a chain of events not only thwarting a war that seemed inevitable that day but also set higher ethical and democratic standards beyond Britain’s shores. Instead of focusing on getting public to back attack on Syria’s despotic regime, western leaders began working with the Russia and United Nations ( which finally got Security Council to agree on the strongest resolution  available)  to end a bloody civil war by a political settlement  and to get an ambitious humanitarian aid programme into action.

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