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Lords to Quiz Ministers on Government Seeking Parliament Approval before Military Deployment

The House of Lords Constitution Committee to quiz three Ministers this week in the final of a series of evidence sessions of the peers inquiry into the constitutional arrangements for the use of armed force. This week’s session will focus on Parliament’s role in approving decisions to use armed force overseas, bearing in mind that MPs, from all parties, in the past few weeks were pressurising government not to supply arms to Syrian rebels fearing that might become a mission creep with British military involvement in that troubled and troublesome part of the world.

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Egypt Opposition accuse ‘Nosy’ US ambassador of meddling in their affairs & Urge Cameron to be tough with Morsi

Egyptian opposition accuses American ambassador in Cairo of meddling in Egyptian internal affairs as they prepare for the largest day of protest  since their revolution two years ago and urge Prime Minister David Cameron to raise human-rights, freedom of speech  women, gay and Christians’ rights   with Egypt’s president Mohammed Morsi when he meets him in London Early next month.

As Egyptian secular, nationalist and liberal opposition, which form majority of body-politic in the nation prepare for a mass protest on June 30 to get rid of the Islamists ( a coalition of Muslim Brothers, Salafis and lesser Islamist trends with fascist tendencies ) president elect Mohammed Morsi, opposition figures criticise US ambassador Anne Patterson ( nicknamed Nosy Anne) for her role not only in backing Morsi and the Muslim Brothers against secular opposition, but for what they say meddling in Egypt’s internal affairs.

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