Egypt Opposition accuse ‘Nosy’ US ambassador of meddling in their affairs & Urge Cameron to be tough with Morsi

Egyptian opposition accuses American ambassador in Cairo of meddling in Egyptian internal affairs as they prepare for the largest day of protest  since their revolution two years ago and urge Prime Minister David Cameron to raise human-rights, freedom of speech  women, gay and Christians’ rights   with Egypt’s president Mohammed Morsi when he meets him in London Early next month.

As Egyptian secular, nationalist and liberal opposition, which form majority of body-politic in the nation prepare for a mass protest on June 30 to get rid of the Islamists ( a coalition of Muslim Brothers, Salafis and lesser Islamist trends with fascist tendencies ) president elect Mohammed Morsi, opposition figures criticise US ambassador Anne Patterson ( nicknamed Nosy Anne) for her role not only in backing Morsi and the Muslim Brothers against secular opposition, but for what they say meddling in Egypt’s internal affairs.

“ Read about any political crisis in Egypt and ambassador Patterson’s name pops up as part of the problem,” wrote Ishak Hannah, the founder of Kifayha (enough) which was active since 2004 as a focal point and was instrumental in the 25 January 2001 movement which snowballed into a revolutionary protest that toppled the regime of President Hosny Mubarak. Accusing Nosy Anne, as she is nicknamed in Egypt, of meddling in Egypt’s internal affairs, Mr Hanna says the ambassador exceeded her role of diplomatic envoy into “plotting and  scheming to support her Islamists allies .” he pointed out her visit to the Patriarch of the Coptic Christian Church to “ put pressure on him to urge his followers not to participate in June 30 protest.”

The pro-Morsi Islamists are much less in numbers than the secular, nationalist and liberal groups. They are authoritarian seeking to turn Egypt into an Iran style Islamic republic. They attack homosexual, beat women into covering up, attack shops and cafes that sells alcohol and want such ban to be part of the penal code made of. The Pro-Morsi  Islamists coalition is made of Salafis, and the Muslim Brothers, a terror group between 1928-1998 turned political but never publically renounced terrorism, and other smaller groups of Islamist fascist ideology. While lesser in numbers they are well organised, powerful and have much bigger resources as they are financed by Qatar and many rich Gulf Arab Islamists . They have weapons and  underground militia made of thugs who were serving jail sentences after court trial for criminal offenses but were set free during the 25 January-11February upsring in 2011

The semi-official  daily al-Ahram quoted senior opposition figures from Egypt’s National Association for Change accusing Mrs Patterson  of  meddling after her public warning to the Egyptian army of not interfering in the struggle going on after many business and non-political trade bodies urged the army to take over. It was the army which pressurised President Mubarak to leave following 18 days of protest in 2001. Al-Ahram quoted NAC spokesperson Ahmed El-Noqr’s statement on Wednesday ( 19 June)  that Patterson’s statements were a “blatant interference” in Egypt’s internal affairs from the US embassy in Cairo. .

In his statement Mr Hannah accused Mrs Patterson of making a secret deal with fundamentalists Islamists like Morsi’s Muslim Brothers and Salafis as part of a misguided policy by president Barak Obama in the mistaken belief that they can have a strong Islamist state securing American interest and backed by an Army relying on US aid to toe the line, like in Pakistan. Mrs Patterson served before in Pakistan, which Mr Hannah refered to her legacy there as f*****-up the democratic movement as she f*****-up in Colombia where she served before.

Egypt’s Islamic fundamentalist president Morsi is due to visit Britain on July 10th and will be received for talks at No 10 by  Prime Minister David Cameron. Women and gay equality groups, as well as pro democracy and freedom groups plan to join many Egyptians in London to protest and are urging Mr Cameron to raise the issue of censorship, anti-free speech, anti-gay and other undemocratic measures by his administration in Egypt .