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Supplying Arms to Syrian Rebels is not Policy but Lunacy

Against expectations, against experts advice, and against commonsense, Britain and France bullied the majority of European foreign ministers to lift the sanctions on supplying arms to Syrian “rebels” ( if indeed we know who they are), in a move which majority of sane observers see as escalation. pouring oil on fast spreading fire with real possibility that missiles would fall into te hands of terrorists to be used against us.

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EU Council Meeting Monday: Is William Hague pushing a US Agenda to Arm Syrian Rebels?

Our foreign Secretary William Hague heads to Brussels to attended the European Union Council of ministers meeting monday ( 27 May), to discuss, among other issues, amending the embargo on providing arms to Syrian rebels fighting to overthrew the  dictatorial regime of President Bashar al-Assad in a two year bloody civil war that claimed an estimated 94,000 lives and turned near one fifth of the population into refugees . Backed mainly by France, Hague wants to amend the embargo ( which comes to an end or renewal at midnight Friday 31 May), in order to supply more equipment to the rebels. In February, the UK and France persuaded other member states, overcoming considerable reluctance, to allow the supply to the rebels of non-lethal military equipment for defensive purposes.

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Woolwich: schizophrenic Muslim Leaders & The folly of the British Left©

Reaction to the horrific, premeditated murder by Islamist fanatical jihadists was predictable. Our politically correct government politician walk on eggshells saying how barbaric the this attack was and we mustn’t confuse their action (which the two jihadists shouted they carried in name of Islam) and Islam as there is ‘nothing in Islam justifies this murder’ like what the Prime Minister David Cameron said (and give him credit for his measured reaction compared to Tony Blair who might have tried to capitalise on it). Then the self-appointed leaders of the ‘Muslim Community’ (and for years I have been struggling to understand what does it actually mean). As expected, they rolled out stock of the pre-prepared old rhetoric condemning the barbaric savage act, cursing the two individuals in question and insisting that there is nothing in Islam to support this action. However , we  are unlikely to hear from those described as ‘moderate’ or respected Islamic clergy,  a clear  fatwa forbidding such acts or saying something to the effect that targeting an off duty soldier, or forcing your interpretation of Islam on others or engaging ( or promoting) acts of  violence as jihad  ( which actually means self control and holy mission of discipline to tread the correct path as an individual)  is forbidden under Islamic teaching; a fatwa issued with the same zeal and strength as those fatwas  we hear banning films, or condemning books, cartoons or works of art they claim offend  Muslims sensibility and often lead to mob-lynching and violence  . The third predictable reaction usually comes was from the British left trying to justify (they would say they try to explain or understand the motives) such nonsense by falsifying history linking this acts of extreme mad violence with British or ‘western foreign policy’ (they mean American policy since the left is anti-American).

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Farewell and RIP Richard Beeston, Fleet Street Brave Soul

It is with aching heart and weeping soul that I started hacking this piece to remember my dear old friend and colleague Richard Beeston ( Feb 18, 1963, May 19, 2013) a son of great journalist by the same name – who, alongside his late wife- reported, and became part of a body of extraordinary people  contributing to  an important chapter of Britain’s post Imperial history in the Middle East- and in his footsteps Richard followed.

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Israel Raids on Syria could play into Assad’s and Iran’s hands©

Two raids by Israeli Airforce on targets inside Syria within 48 hours of each other throw many questions in the air. Will it let the two-year-old Syrian civil-war spill over border and become a region war as we have seen before when the Israelis get involved? Will it prove Syria’s dictator Bashar Assad’s claim that the rebellion started by protests in 1011 was a wider Israel, American plot to weaken what the Iranians call ‘the regional resistance to Israel and American aggression’? Or will it hasten Assad’s downfall? or will it suck Israel into a wider conflict if, as expected, Iran instructs its allies, Hezbollah in Lebanon to launch attack on Israel as they did in 2006; or perhaps a Hamas in Gaza to launch more rocket attacks on southern Israel forcing the Jewish state to take action in Gaza which would claim civilian lives and trigger waves of protests in Muslim countries?

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An overwhelming  Deja vu pricked  my sense watching Foreign Secretary William Hague making his statement to the commons about Syria and other matter. Same like reading columnists pontificating on the Middle East, or reading Arab press – especially those sponsored by our allies in the Gulf. America’s president issue strong warnings to another Arab dictator(yes a handful of them still around despite what naively and historically wrong called “ Arab Spring”) dictator accused of using (WMDs) or chemical weapons, our prime minister straight away joins the chorus disapproval, while the opposition ( from the dictator’s own nation), backed by our Arab friends in the Gulf call l for western intervention. Heard it all before?

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