The British Left’s Plot: Let the Leveson Inquiry Destroy Tabloid Press©

It is hilarious how British left which has doubled in volume its attacks on News International and Rupert Murdoch since the latter announced the launch of the Sun On Sunday ( a three million copies rolled out of the printing machines last night), are in total panic. Although circulation figures are not officially known yet, but from my own experience it is a success. If I hadn’t ordered my copy yesterday, I wouldn’t have got one this morning at 10:30 when I left the house heading for Starbucks in Hampstead village. Hampstead (where Michael Foot used to live surrounded by champagne socialists, and Glenda Jackson is the sitting Labour MP for two decades) is the heartland of The Guardian and The Independent; yet my local newsagent confirmed that all copies were sold by the time I approached the shop at 10:35 this morning.

Since the launch announcement was made a week ago, there has been frantic illogical attacks on any professional journalist or politician welcoming the launch of the new paper.  The British left find the  the tabloid press its popular investigative role on behalf of Mr and Mrs average British taxpayer, draining the swamp of taxpayers fund in which the left happily exist, hence  the British left’s final aim is destroying the tabloid by  turning the Leveson into a witch hunt against Fleet Street.  The case in point of the attacks on the Sun on Sunday and the concept of popular ( tabloid) press is the latest wave of  attacks on Education Secretary Michael Gove. His crime in the eyes of the left was his little speech during the monthly Press Gallery lunch on Tuesday, when, as a former journalist on the Times, Mr Gove welcomed the launch of a new Sunday paper saying that more papers helps  press freedom, and more jobs for journalists. He ruffled some feathers on the left when revealing that the Observer, published a false claim that he was on holiday in Florida. ” Had the author of the report bothered to call me,” said Gove, ” he would have realised from the wring tone alone that I was at home and didn’t leave England.”

But it was Gove’s correct historic observation on setting up inquires, such as taxpayer wasting Leveson, which upset the Ayatollahs of the left. Anybody going  through history of public inquires, whether after increase in dogs attack on children, or the normal ( and still going) spectacular and disastrous failure of social workers ( who turn child snatchers from loving parents) to protect children or any other inquiring commission set by government would notice that following the wasting of taxpayer money would always result inn creating more quangos, parasitical bodies and ill-thought laws which in turn cost more problems without solving the initial ones.

Since every wrong allegedly committed by offending hacks is covered by current existing law, the Leveson inquiry was no exception from the above observation. Whether hacking telephone, intercepting mail – electronic or delivered in your letter box, snooping on people’s message, bribing police officers, taking photographs in non-public places without permission ( or photographing minors), or any other wrong doing used by the Guardian, Independent, the BBC and Mr Watson as rods for Murdoch’s back, all can put who ever did it in the dock under existing laws.

A point was forcefully put and intellectually ( very convincingly) argued by Private Eye editor Ian Hislop before the inquiry. ( in contrast to the Guardian editor Mr A Rusbridger go down in history as perhaps the only editor to go before the Leveson inquiry and ask for new laws and regulation to censor the press.) So why then the attacks on Mr Gove for stating the obvious?And what makes it rather hilariously amusing is that one of the leading attacks was penned by the great moralist Alistair Campbell ( yes the same man who flew half the globe with his master T Blair to kiss the backside of Mr Murdoch in his homeland down under.) The answer is in Mr Campbell criticism  of his old paper and Labour main supporter, because the Mirror editorial sided with Gove’s obvious common sense conclusion. To the horror of the left, Gove was among ‘ family’ in Tuesday press gallery lunch, among the finest political scribes who are truly the Fourth Estate keeping an eye on politicians and keeping politicians on their toes. Most  agreed with the the idea that Leveson inquiry was a taxpayer money waster and likely to result in creating expensive quangos. It could be a very expensive mistake, not just wasting taxpayers money, but destroying one of the kingdom’s greatest institution’s namely free press.

Ask anybody why Leveson was set, they would answer, ” to investigate allegation of phone-messages-hacking and other illegal activities”, a fair enough answer ( even if  it is not entirely accurate), but then what has phone hacking and other illegal activities got to do with Page Three  in the Sun? why would the inquisitional barrister waste the time and taxpayer money on allocating  a whole session to question editors over Page Three which existed since 1969 long before mobile phones were invented, let alone hacking them? Page three picture is a red rug to  feminists and other lefties bulls, and had nothing to do with phone hacking, bribing police or intrusions. Is it too much conspiracy theorisation to see Leveson as following a left-wing ideological lines in its inquiries if not a politically correct left wing agenda? Or to widen its remit to embrace political correctness and other ideological stuff from which the left dogma is made?

Nobody in their right mind would expect the inquiry to conclude with recommendation proving the obvious, which is it was wrong to set it up in the first place. Turkeys don’t vote for early Christmas hence the inquiry – regardless of any evidence, is likely to recommend new laws and regulations and a body that would create French style censorship. Music to politicians’ ears since with the French style publishing regulations no newspaper in Fleet Street will be able to repeat the uncovering of the MPs expenses scandal.

Look no further than Tom Watson’s ( labour MP for West Bromwich) he is against the very presence of journalists  in parliament the press gallery or in the lobby – which give journalists opportunity or monitor MPs and the work of politicians and government being representatives of public opinions while MPs usually follow the whips orders rather than carrying the wishes of their constituents-   and leading the crusade against the tabloid in general and Murdoch’s papers in particular ). On his facebook  he seemed  alarmed that  by Tuesday all advertising space on Sun On Sunday were sold and appealing ( almost tearfully ) to ‘ all business to boycott ‘ the new Sunday paper.

It is understandable why politicians and MPs want the Leveson inquiry to widen its remit. It is understandable too why hypocritical celebrities and ill mannered stars and footballers ( whose behaviour differs little from that of  hooligans, teenage vandals and drunken sex-pests )  want to muzzle the press, by convincing Leveson to recommend a list of publish-and-publish-not. Even one understands the motives of the rivals ( like the Guardian and the BBC) to Murdoch’s The Times and Sky  in destroying his media empire. But the question remains, why is the British left hell bent on creating French style censorship and encouraging the Leveson ( even by false claims like The Guardian fabricated story about NoW hacks deleting Milly Dowler’s mobile phone messages – which turned public opinion against NoW– while in fact the messages were automatically deleted after 72 hours), to recommend harsh measures?

The answer is the British left’s desire to destroy the entire tabloid press as a British institution. The left ( pressure groups, political correctness fundamentalists , green policy consultants, trade union bosses, public sector parasites, Europhiles, republicans and green policies pushers etc)   thrives on a non-productive subsidised industry of jargon-spouting money wasting projects of social engineering. The left loved and encouraged entities and quangos  spend a great deal of (taxpayer’s) money and energy in costly exercise design to hid the fact that the very existence of their projects is taxpayer waste and result in the reverse of what they claim  to be good for society. And since the left-wing press ( and the broadsheet with some exceptions like the MPs expense scandal) no longer perform the role of the Fourth Estate to r be the court of public opinion to protect the taxpayer from the con of left wing engineered projects, it is the tabloid press which successfully plays this role. With competition to sell more copies, Murdoch’s The Sun – and the others have little choice but to follow-  established that investigative journalism on the popular level is a public service. Tabloid press expose scams wasting taxpayers’ money on white elephants from wind turbines and other green energy con-jobs to creating non-jobs in the local councils for parasites to snoop on people’s rubbish or advise nurseries to give little boys dolls for gender equality or employ health and safety killjoys.

It is this role of the tabloid press that is too much for the British left to tolerate, hence destroying the tabloid as we know it ( or at least ending its investigative role on behalf of Mr and Mrs average British taxpayer), is the left’s final aim in turning the Leveson into a witch hunt against Fleet Street.  A plot that every journalist, democrat and supporter of press freedom must resist.


© Copyrights Adel Darwish 2012, not to be copied, reprinted, reproduced or quoted in whole or in part with permission from Adel Darwish



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