Egyptian people 30 June Revolution sent Global Isalamists into a Panic Meeting in Istanbul to Fight Back

The Muslim Brotherhood tanzeem douli  an international organization of Brothers held an emergency meeting Friday and saturday  in Istanbul. There are other smaller fringe meeting still going ion this weekend. They panicked after series of setback ( see main story) in Egypt, UAE, and anti- MB moves in Tunisia and Sudan. The meeting was called by the MBTD or the GLobal  to discuss what the MBTD called “the catastrophic situation” of the organisation reached after the dismissal of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. The participants  expressed their deep concern at the prospects of splits in the group in Egypt and it was agreed to try to confront the situation by all means all means  below their agreed plan of action as well as the names of those attended, their position in their national and international MB orgnaistaion.

The Muslim Brothers Global Organiasation agreed  in Istanbul meeting on a set of points to destabilise the situation in Egypt, and creat situation for international intervention  the points, which we managed to glean ( baring in mind the meeting was held in secrete)   .. including the following:

1 – trapping Egyptian sovereign institutions more sit-ins to undermine the prospects for stability and fabricating bloody battles.

2 – the rapid communicate with Salafi parties, Islamic trends  and alliance with them against the Egyptian state.

3 – tarnish the image of the military leadership, by filing allegations to Public Prosecution Office PPO or instigating  of a lawsuit against top-ranking officers in order to impede their work  for the state.

The meeting recognised that ” ousting Morsi was not  just a revolutionary movemen generated internally but multi-lateral international conspiracy,”. The Meeting expressed its deepest concern that part of this conspiracy was  ” the isolation of Mohamed Morsi, and questioned him in preparation for a trial;” adding that that documentation and evidence presented by the PPO, regardless off the outcome of the trial, would be a disastrous   ” setback and damage beyond repair  leading  to the elimination of the entire international Muslim Brotherhood organization.”

Participants in the MBTD Istanbul Meeting on friday :

1- MBTD Secretary General, Ibrahim Munier Mustafa, Egyptian national.

2- Deputy Sec Gen, Mahmoud Hussein el-Ibiyary, Egyptian National.

3- Sudan MB  Controller General, Ali Mohammed Ahmed Jaweeish, Sudanese national,

4- Lebanon MB Controller General and a member of the MBTD Global Guidance Bureau  , Ibrahim al-Masry, Lebanese National

5- Horn of Africa MB Controller General, Ali pasha Omar Haj ( nationality unknown but thought to be Solami)

6-  Syria MB Controller general,  Mohammed Riad Shafqah  , Syrian national

7- A leader of MB Guidance Bureau in Kurdistan, Mohammed Faraj Ahmed ( nationality unknown)

8- A Yemen MB Controller, Ziyad Shafiq el-rawy, Yemeni national

9- A leading member of Yemen MB Guidance bureau, Shikhan abudelrahman Mohammed Addabeih, Yemeni national

10 – Deputy Chairman of Morrocan harakt taweheed & Islah ( the Monolithic and reform movement) Mohammed al-Hillaly, Moroccan national

11- Leader of the Islamist Tunisian Haraket  nahdat , Rachid al-Ghanoush

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