Egypt: Interim Government & anti-MuslimBrothers Popular Movement Quarrel with Foreign Media

The Qatar owned al-jazeera desperate to salvage $ billions invested by the former Sheikh of Qatar ( replaced by his son Sheikh Tamim)  to back Muslim Brothers takeing obver Egypt. There has been over 30 staff resignation from the al-jazeera Egypt Studios ( Egypt Union of Journalists report) over MB bias, fabrications and incitement. Egypt wire, wireless  ‘ air-waves and Satellite Licensing issued instructions to licensed providers to block al-jazeera Mubasher ( a cairo Qatari broadcast in Arabic) for failing to apply for use of airwave licence, failing to provide information of end user and beneficial). the  Turkish Media desperate to back Morsi to prove that political Islam and democracy can cohabit hence they are selective in highlighting ” Morsi’s legitimac” and army excesses  ;  CNN & BBC sand other British and left wing European media who’s agenda is different; they either were taken  by surprise since the reporters they sold to viewers and listeners as  “middle east experts/editors” got it wrong proven they didn’t have a clue about what the Egyptian people want; and academics/armchair-experts who, with concealed racism towards Egyptians, Africans and middle eastern people , were obsessed  with the Turkish model as the best for Egypt since in their view, what they perceive and ram down our throats as  “Muslim nations” are allowed ONLY to be ruled by ” moderate” Islamic parties”, like The Obama Administration, they saw Muslim brothers as ” moderate” whose rule would be a necessary bridge to move from military backed autocracies started by 1952 Military Coup and the goal with is the Turkish Model, although some egyptians – not without justification see Obama’s plan as sinister move to create a pakistan model of puritan Islamist rule when the army is in the back ground if the Islamists overplayed their hand   )

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