30 June Revolution: Ripples in the Region and battle Royal in Egypt

Egypt 30 June revolution – despite the helping hand from the military ( some calling it a  coup) is by all measure a people’s revolution, causing some ripples in the region and beyond, and certainly earthquakes in many places sending the gurus and prophets of political Islam into a panic sprint trying to save what they see as their survival in places where they are in power by fluke after the 2011 uprisings have  upset the applecart mainly in North Africa, by means  election, manipulation. or by army intervention, or a mixture of all, like Tunisia,  or where they made remarkable advance towards power due to anarchy and arms like in Libya and Syria, or they were already in powers directly or indirectly like Sudan and  Gaza.

While Egyptian people are still out on the streets in millions to ensure the success of the 30 June revolution, knowing this is a ” unique moment in history and the battle for freedom must be won to spare the nation an iran-Like fate,” as a prominent  leader of the organizers of tamrud (rebellion) moment which collected over 22 Million signature on a petition for overthrow Muslim Brothers (MB) rule, wrote in his face book, the MB Tanzeem Daolui (MBTD) Muslim Brotherhood Global Organisation,  met in Turkey  in a panic to combat a what they saw as a set back. Last month the Islamists suffered a blow in the United Arab Emirate  after the arrest and trial of MB sleeper cells working against national interest; and within days of the mass Egyptian second revolution  reclaiming the country, the MB seemed on the defensive regionally.  In Tunisia, where the first upsizing in North Africa took place 31 Months ago, a new tamrud movement secured over a million signature on a petition seeking the overthrow of the al-Nahadt an Islamist movemen offshoot of, and inspired by, MB led by rachid al-Ghanoushi   who is a member of MBTD   )

In the Istanbul meeting this weekend, The MBTD strategy department, which operates under the banner The Global Studies Centre,   put some ‘ fighting back strategy,’ which include diplomatic efforts, finance, mass mobilisation and actual fighting in what argubley can be described as terrorism. Some of the tactics are now being witnessed in Egypt, like terrorist attack by MB affiliated cells in Sinai, involvement of hamas in gaza ( which the Istanbul MBTD meeting identified as the most harmed party in the International Islamist network The resistance plan indicates the importance of relying on the United States in putting pressure on Egyptian Army, and on support from Turkey and from Qatar.  On propaganda and diplomatic front, the MBTD suggested keep emphasising that Morsi was the legitimate president and disposing him was an attack on democratic legitimacy, this will be highlighted by al-jazeera, different Islamists TV networks, left-wing western media (already against army intervention) Turkey and Qatar sponsored media.

Part of the plan was trapping Egyptian sovereign institutions more sit-ins to undermine the prospects for stability and fabricating bloody battles, with aim of creating a confrontation between the army and the people ( i.e. MB supporters) which could create situation for a US lead military intervention to reinstate Morsi.

As for their mass mobilisation, they are causing headache to ordinary Egyptians, but far from the daft and often idiotic prediction by BBC and other left wing media suggesting an Alegria or even syria like civil war. The demographic realities on the ground in Egypt doesn’t create conditions for civil war. there are no geographic isolation in sectarian lines or balkanisation, not only the Egyptians are largely one ethnic race ( nilotic ) who lived within the same borders, same as one race, relying on same economic production means they share same multiple dwellings in urban and coastal areas and same farms, which, historically they share between the Christians and Muslims as en economic necessity due to complex irrigating rules.

Meanwhile a battle royal is fought by the majority of Egyptian people, backed  by the army to reclaim their destiny after toppling what many describe as ” fascist theocracy in the making” on one side and a lesser in numbers but quite effective Muslim- Brotherhood ( a minority of with less than  12-15 % support from the populace) thanks to help and finance from their regional and international backers. The latter are fighting desperate battle to reinstate the ousted elected Mohammed Morsi as president using different means. The numbers game to display before sympathetic foreign media ( for various agenda. see )

The Numbers game is now put in full force – and it would only grow weaker as this is the maximum the Muslim Brothers can deploy or sustain- by MB  using the financial resources, provided by Qatar  as claimed by the democratic movement made of Egyptian nationalists, liberals, non-politicised Muslims say, to bus tens of thousands of unemployed, people on social benefit and their youth into Rabba Square, Republican Guar  Head Quarters in Nasr City, North east of Cairo knowing that cameras would focus on them. the MBs organised youth movement and Tanzeem Sirri (TS or the Secrete Apparatus is an underground organisation secret established by Muslim Brothers during their campaign of terror in 1930s on lines similar to the IRA for assassinations, bombing, etc) , which showed its effectiveness and muscles last November when placed the Supreme Cosntitutional Court under siege, intimidated the country’s top judges into adjourning their hearing in Morsi’s unconstitutional changes that secured his absolute power in absence of elected parliament and on the legality of constitution drafted only by MBs. The TS and MB youth are causing massive travel and traffic disruption  in the area which has three main roads connecting central and west cairo to Airport and the main roads from Suez and Ismailya. The third which is the most serious and son far had claimed the lives of 16 soldiers and border guard and about 50 injured is a sustained terrorist campaign of bombing and rocket attacks against Egyptian border guard posts, el-Arish Airport and other state run services in Northern Sinai, especially that MB leader Mohammed el-Beltagi told al-jazeera ” attacks in Sinia could come to a halt one hour from reinstating Morsi as a president.”

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