A British Writer’s Response to the Lesser Informed suggesting ‘Inclusive Solution’ for Egypt

Linda Heard is an Alexandria based British author, columnist, and biographer, she has also been a commentator and journalist, who lived in Egypt for many years, and Alexandria is her home. Mrs Heard has much better understanding of Egypt and the situation far better than her own president and congressmen. She is fed-up of people presenting ideas and solutions to Egypt current ‘ crisis’ from a total ignorance stand.  One particular column was the last straw for her. I hope she accepts my apology as I mistakenly thought she was American, I hope I didn’t cause any offence.  Here is the story with those suggesting inclusive solution with Muslim Brothers as they stand with their current ideology..

Mrs Heard scans and monitor what is written or broadcast about Egypt in both English and Arabic languages media, mainly local and regional. When red  Hassan Barari’s article in Arab News in which he calls for “an inclusive approach” that was the last straw for her and fired a reply to Arab news . :

I’ve just read your column in the Arab News. Many are talking about an inclusive approach, especially the US, the EU, the UK and almost every Western TV network and newspaper. Fine, but it seems to me that this is easier said than done. How can you have an inclusive approach when the Morsi side is immovable on their demands to re-instal Morsi as president and reinstate the Islamist-weighted constitution? How do you think the 33 plus millions who turned out on June 30th and July 26th would react to that? Do you think bringing Morsi back, as the MB demand, is a recipe for peace?

Let’s get serious. The page has turned, the window of opportunity for the Muslim Brotherhood to join Egypt going forward is almost shut. Why? Because people in Egypt get a different picture to those outside.

They hear about the gas bottles buried under Rabaa to be exploded in case of an attempt to end the sit-in.
They have seen video of empty bottles being delivered in large quantities to Rabaa to be used as Molotov cocktails.
They have viewed numerous videos of pro-Morsi people shooting pistols and cartouche and have first hand witness reports of weapons being stored in one of their tents.
They have heard the murshid calling for jihad and martyrs to bring Morsi back on “their shoulders”.
They have heard Dr. Beltagy say that his hand is on the remote to stop the attacks on soldiers and civilians in northern Sinai.
They know from video evidence the way the Morsi crowd is provoking the police and the army almost every day, cutting up the pavements to throw concrete at police and soldiers along with fire bombs, flaming spears along with firing home-made guns and cartouche.
They have listened to Safwat Hegazy on local TV channels repeatedly advocating the spilling of blood.
They have read in their newspapers of MB threats to blow up electricity stations.
And they have seen small children in Rabaa being paraded around carrying their own shrouds, including a five year old with “I am Hamza. I am five. I am a shaheed”.

And now their associate. protected by Qatar, Qaradawi has issued a fatwa making it a religious duty for Muslims globally to launch a jihad against Egypt, echoing an earlier call by AQ chief Ayman Al-Zawahiri.

Lastly, do you know that according to an official who was with Catherine Ashton when she met Morsi last night, he told her that he is still the president of Egypt. And the MB heads and Freedom and Justice Party officials all told her that they are willing to negotiate on the condition that Morsi is brought back to the palace.

So, please, do tell how this inclusive process can proceed? Enquring minds would love to know, including mine.

I look forward to hearing your suggestions. Egypt needs real down to earth advice nowadays, not platitudes that trip off the tongue without solid substance. So if you are advocating an inclusive approach, then I assume you have some idea on how to reach that happy stage.

Best Regrads





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