Will The British Council Be Consistent with Staff Causing Public Outrage ?

The British Council, a tax payer funded organisation, said it will start “ a disciplinary procedure”against one of its top bosses, who gets paid £80 K plus expanses, after causing outrage buy calling three year old prince George a f***** Head on Face Book. Let us see what kind of disciplinary action the organisation will take, bearing in mind that in 2004 it sacked a top press officer for writing a couple of essays in the Sunday Telegraph a few months earlier which were deemed politically incorrect by the British left. Let us see how consistent  the British Council in dealing with its staff who caused public outrage

Angela Gibbins, director of global estates at the organisation which promotes Britain’s culture, has been accused of posting unsavoury comments about the three-year-old Prince on social media. The 52-year-old who is paid £85,000 from tax payer money made the remarks beneath a photo meme, which criticised Prince George’s appearance and described him as “a f****** d***head,” according to The Sun newspapers which gained access to her face book.

Her employer the publicly funded British Council  said the comment did not represent the views of the British Council and that it would be investigated as the “highest standards” are expected from staff.

Other Facebook users were said to be outraged by her comments with one describing her as “a total idiot”, while another said: “You need some time off the internet.”

Gibbins is alleged to have responded: “I’m sound in my socialist, atheist and republican opinions.”  The British Council, whose patron is the Queen, works to promote UK culture in more than 100 countries and is sponsored by the Foreign Office. It receives £154.9 million of taxpayers’ money each year – about 20 per cent of its total income.

Compare this to the British Council swift action in firing Harry Cummins who was a senior press officer a an  essay in the telegraph about islam, the west and the response of the archbishops of Canterbury  to a Muslim scholar justifying British born Muslims terror attacks in Israel in 2003. The Muslim scholar said he was  surprised the attacks didn’t happen on British soil first. Cummings, writing under a pen-name Will Cummings responded ; and a few months later four British Muslims exploded bombs in London killing 52 people .  The essay part of four, included  a paragraph ( which was historically 100 percent accurate ) which included historic facts like  lands which are now Muslim countries’ territories have originally been Christian land taken by Islamic forces .. This sentence was objected to by a vocal minority of radical Islamists and their leftwing cheerleaders in the bbc & the guardian .. The officer was sacked for “offending Muslims ” despite the accuracy of the statement on its own even when taken out of context.

His sacking was greeted with exaggerated jubilation by Islamists publications and left wing media ; while scholars and more sober commentators in publications  like the spectator  pointed out that Mr Cummings was stating facts  .

The British council now say it will investigate Gibbins nasty comments () bearing in mind that  the comments were directed at a child celebrating his third birthday and not only our future king .

And if you look at it statistically, the number of taxpayers who are offended by the British Council lady ( who’s position, salary & expenses is funded by taxpayers ) and the offended public are not just monarchists but were upset by someone funded by their taxes making a nasty comment about a child, are at least five ( if not 10) fold of those allegedly offended by stating historic facts interpreted by the British left as “ Islamophobic”  … Will the British council sack her as it did with the press officer? ..

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