Obama & Co Finding Excuses NOT to Clear Their Mess in Libya ..Why?

President Barak Obama, Prime Minister David Cameron and president François Hollande, blew their trumpets after their bombing campaign in Libya in  2011  in their intervention to overthrow Colonel Mumamer Gaddafi’s rule. a result, Libya is a failed state, and now home to one of the world most notorious terrorists, the Islamic State IS, who, some how managed to land hundreds of brand new Toyota pickup trucks with 33 MM machine-guns mounted, without the American Satellites ( which phonograph every inch of the globe) noticing the shipment, or their landing or movement….   instead of clearing the mess created by the west and aiding Egypt, which started air action against terrorist bases, the Obama administration is finding excuses not to join the fight.

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IS Terror Tactics: Jordan’s options

The Islamic State releasing of video showing the sickening burning alive of captured Jordanian pilot Muadh al-Kasasbeh was a calculated move as part of its tactics of psychological warfare; it also present King Abdullah II of Jordan with a rare window of opportunity to take advantage of his subjects’ mood of unity to act militarily with the USA led coalition  or unilaterally against this menace. What do IS tactics mean as part of their strategy? and what are King Abdullah’s options?

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Air attack decapitating ISIL leadership is not a victory

The Coalition fighting Ismalists Terror group, the Islamic state claimed a major stroke at the weekend with air strike that wounded the group’s leader. But decapitating the leader is a setback for all Islamist terror groups, yet it is not enough to eliminate its danger, and without coherent strategy and ground forces, the terrorists will remain the winners i this game.

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NO Will or Coherent Strategy to Contain the Islamic State

The Islamic State, is the most serious threat facing world stability and humanity today, a group of terrorists grew from a few hundreds to about 30-40 thousands, with brutal propaganda attracting the world’s degenerate psychopaths to join, control the area the size of Britain. They have no air force, no outlet to seas thus have no navy, no sophisticated satellite system or high technology intelligence service, no diplomatic mission, no state structure, no facilities to manufacture meaningful arms, yet the mighty USA led Nato, western allies, EU and UK seems unable or unwilling to cognation the danger… questions needed to be asked….do we have strategy to confront this satanic psychopaths …the answer is NO.

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Cameron waited for Obama “strategy” to fight IS- It Won’t Work

15 September 2014

On the eve of  western Foreign Ministers  and their regional allies 30 nations Paris gathering (Monday september 15)  to forge  strategy to contain Islamic State IS , Prime Minister David Cameron was holding an emergency COBRA ( Cabinet Office Briefing Room A ) meeting, Sunday,  at no 10 Downing Street to following the brutal beheading of British aid worker David Haines by IS. Both paris and and London were following a new strategy set by Us president Barak Obama a few days earlier.. but will it work.. doubtful.

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Cameron V ISIL

2 September 2014

To deal with terrorism threat, mainly from British jihadists volunteers with the Islamic State IS (although IS pay a jihadist five times as much the salary of  a qualified Syrian doctor ), Prime Minister David Cameron introduced a set of measure in the Commons Monday. But is this enough more overall strategy needed and how to tke the fight to the terrorists

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Prime Minister Cameron Commons Statement on Ukraine & Gaza

RH Prime Minister David Cameron Statement on Gaza and Russia to the Commons:


Mr Speaker this is the first time the House has met since the tragic loss of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17 last Thursday and it is right to make a statement about this and the ongoing crisis in Israel and Gaza.

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Handling Isalmists Terror in Iraq- US-UK failed policy

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant ISIL, one of the most brutal and dangerous terrorist groups in modern times which  has captured territory in Iraq and Syria has declared itself an Islamic “caliphate” and called on Islamic factions worldwide to pledge their allegianceThe move is an expansion of the group’s ambitions to wage a war and pose a direct challenge to the central leadership of Al Qaeda, which has already disowned it. In a statement from the group  posted on Islamist websites and Twitter, the group has renamed itself “Islamic State” and proclaimed its leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi as “caliph”, the head of the state. But the grope is not only a threat to the region, it poses a threat to UK national security with hundreds of British Muslims fighting there and will sure come home to cause atrocities here.

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EU Expansionism NOT Putin Caused Ukraine/Crimea Crisis ©

Before condemning Russia for using veto in UNSC, ruling Crimean referendum illegal or blaming Mr Putin for the Ukraine crisis, let us remember our glass houses, or our record of interventionism  and above all EU role in creating this crisis in the first place.

ِTwo million voters in Crimea decided  by over 97 percent yes in a  referendum,  to rejoin Russia (going back to 1954 status quo before the peninsula was given to Ukraine by Moscow without the Crimeans being consulted )  one day after Russia vetoed an American sponsored  UN Security Council resolution aiming  to  block the referendum.  Given the ethnic balance of the peninsula population  the result was no surprise. Even a ‘no’ vote wouldn’t have kept the 1954-2014 status-quo since the other choice would have been more power to Crimea and less rule from Kiev.

While our Foreign Secretary carry on condemning the result, with a  growing American size mouth, and threatening nonsensical un-implementable sanctions , and our Fleet Street subs coming up with cold-war-era headlines, let us just remember some historic facts about glass houses, goose and gander and the the like metaphors. We, and our American allies hailed elections in Afghanistan and Iraq ( countries with no traditions of fair elections or fair-play , and who don’t play cricket) as great democratic steps forward, even though they were held under military occupation ( or our & American troops kicking down doors while families having dinner was  not “occupation” the same way Arabs and Muslims wouldn’t consider colnialising Spain, Egypt, and formally Christian lands AS  occupation, but god’s liberation from infidels?);  elections held while and terrible strife going on with car bombs round the corner from almost every polling station.

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Putin is unlikely to accept direct talks with new regime in Ukraine ©

BBC, evening news,  and Downing Street sources express cautious optimism that Russia’s president  Vladimir Putin has opened to persuasion leading to direct talk with the Ukrainian acting government… evidence runs contrary to this  optimism nonsense as Moscow doesn’t recognise the new regime in Kiev especially with Moscow is convinced that EU expansionist  policy to swallow former Soviet Republics was directly behind the crisis.. the easiest way is to keep Crimea under Moscow control.

The latest spin from Downing is based on a telephone conversation intitated this morning by Prime Minister David Cameron and President Putin, which ended with only two agreed points, first the need for international community to economically support Ukraine, and second the two leaders to continue dialogue, obviously over the phone.  Since Mr Putin is no exception from any other leaders who wouldn’t see eye to eye with his rivals in the west on the above two points, it is amusing how this can be interpreted as reason for optimism.

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