Turkey shoots down Russian Jet- Putin accuses Ankara of aiding Terrorists

The Turkmen Tribes who captured the two Russian pilots killed them on the spot instead of handing them over to their Turkish backers. They have been aiding ISIL in smuggling supplies. Russian are fighting Islamic State terror group and attacking supply lines managed by the Turkmen in the area of the borders where the SU24 was shot down . Many questions on the Turkish version of events.

 One can understand why Russian President Vladimir Putin called Turkey’s shooting down one of his jet fighters (disputed whether inside Syrian border by two thirds of a mile or inside Turkish border in Ankara’s version) A stab in the back administered by “the accomplices of terrorists.”

Russia, for a couple of months now has been the only world-power who have a coherent strategy for Syria (although it it is serving Moscow interest in the first place) which included effective military fight against the Islamic state ( also known as ISIL The Islamic State In Iraq and the Levant) using e Russian airforce, and some troops on the ground.

Nato – and foolishly our government here in UK instead of coordinating with Moscow or at least shut-up, have been running a hostile propaganda campaign against Russian action in Syria.. and fellow hacks are idiotically swallowing this rubbish instead of independently investigating the claims.

View of sane seasoned politicians and diplomats was simple: yes Mr Putin might be propping up Assad regime, but the latter never threatened us in the west. He might be a nasty  dictator, but he is not threat to us or to our European allies , while IS are a direct threat on our streets as we have witnessed what they did in Paris, the plane over Sinai and other atrocities. Furthermore if you need troops on the ground to fight those Islamist terrorists (and our politicians cannot send our troops to do so) then Assad’s army is among those troops ( the kurds doing fine but they will stop once they secure the borders of an embryo Kurdish state) . In addition IS wins by propaganda of the victor, let us help destroy this propaganda by showing how Russian jets are bombing them back into their mice-holes .

Now come to this morning (14-11-15) incident.

The violation of airspace in that region happens frequently and they normally end in a few minutes with a warning off especially that Turkey violated Greek airspace 34 times this year..

It is very unusual that a map of the flight path to be published within minutes of the incident before full investigation … Turkey immediately published the alleged flight pass.

See map:

If true, the Russian plane crossed a tiny tip of land which, by my calculation of Heino Vockrdot , is about 2.5 km wide. The SU24 is a supersonic, speed is 2.8 mach more than twice and half speed of sound
Say they were flying speed of  1300km/h, that over-flight will have taken all but 7 seconds. however the tracking satellites  record that the Russian jet was less then 17 seconds inside Turkish airspace, and when the Turkish F16 missile struck it was already some 1.8 km inside Syrian borders.
How it can therefore be true that Turkey warned the pilot “10 times ” .. ten times within 17  second??… to say “  SU24 pilot, this is Turkish pilots, you are violating Turkish Airspace, move out immediately.. this is a final warning”  .. this one sentence ( read at BBC newscaster speed) takes a bit over 8 seconds..the Turkish story and hysterical western commentators analysis dont add up.

(see Map )

Although I am still checking other sources (beside my Kurdish sources and I am double checking).  The SU24 and other Russian aircraft in the area are attacking supply-lines to the terrorists from Turkish borders and the smuggling of oil sold via Turkey to finance the terror group.

It is reported that Turkmen fighters in the area who are used by Turkey to smuggle weapons to ISIL and drive the oil trucks Islamic State sells via Turkey, have been complaining Russian jets attacking them. They asked for help this Morning saying the Russian jets were helping PKK ( Turkish Kurd of the Workers Party who defeated ISIL in many battles but President Erdogan is using them to fight PKK promising them an autonomous slice of land in Northern Syria ) .

The Kurds say Turkey set trap for the SU24, the Turkmen who captured the two Russian pilots who ejected from the SU24 instead of handing over the two pilots to Turkey they killed them on the spot..

Now there will be no way the world can find out their version of events, tape recorders or see videos they shot of flight path….many questions..

That is why president Putin accused Turkey of stab in the back to aid terrorists