Israel/Gaza Conflict: Facts left out by Media

There is more to the Israel/Hamas conflict and tragic loss of life than meets the eye. There is a  great deal of facts left out by the mainstream media. I was a foreign correspondent, covered that region from the time of the six-day war (1967) to the late 1990s. There is a great deal of misinformation by liberal/left groupthink locked media.

For example : Have you noticed how the BBC news, for a few days now ,use inaccurate and foggy (often misleading) terms like , “ Israel attacks on Gaza” & “militants fire rockets on Israel” or “fighting between Israel & Palestinians,“ in all news bulletins. No mention of the terrorist group Hamas, which actually started this devastation by firing rockets indiscriminately on civilian centres and towns in Israel, (which is a separate issue from a legal over homes long lease in Jerusalem dispute and ill treatment of Palestinians in occupied West-bank. Whether consciously or subconsciously, the BBC reports and wording of the news misinform. If you speak to Palestinians, they’d say Hamas, which is listed as a terrorist organisation here in UK, doesn’t represent them . It is a branch of the Muslim Brotherhood ( and it was called the MB Gaza branch until the 1990s) which doesn’t believe in the two-state solution as it doesn’t believe in the state as a political entity, but it sees the state as an ungodly innovation and anti-Islamic. They are exactly like, the Islamic State its aim is an Islamic caliphate). Is the BBC trying to make listeners forget Hamas’s role in the escalation and turning a legal dispute ( and yes takes some riot-like violence on the streets) into a wider cross-border war?

Since the media do not  mention facts lets us list few, like:

  • Israel pulled out of Gaza nearly 20 years ago, dismantled all settlements (by 2005), and handed over to PNA (Palestinian national Authority).
  • In 2007 Islamist extremists Hamas moved in, murdered and intimidated people from PNA and too over.
  • Gaza (i.e. Hamas since they are now in control) y receive huge subsidies and money from USA, UK, EU, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE Kuwait etc.
  • They could have used the money to invest in jobs and infrastructure. They have great beaches and there was a plan for tourism there.  Instead they chose terrorism and war.
  • Does incumbent Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu share some blame? yes he does, not for the Gaza war, but for inflaming the situation. The police and army heavy handed handling of the Palestinian youth and crowds in Jerusalem led to tension and the situation exploded, exactly on the day his mandate to build a coalition ended, and he was about to lose the chance of remaining a prime minister. If it wasn’t a  cynical  ploy on his part, he did nothing to calm the situation.
  • Another  question: . What is the Hamas group actual plan?

What are they hoping to achieve by firing inaccurate rockets that harm civilians? Do they have a plan? What constitutes a “ victory” for them when achieving they’d stop firing rockets?

HMAS place their rocket launchers, and arms in civilian buildings, structured over massive maze of tunnels. Israel trying its best to avoid civilian causalities by contacting buildings’ managements and ask them to evacuate the building before targeting it. It is a first in a conflict.

The liberal media keep telling us Gaza under siege by the Egyptians and the Israelis. And it is a big prison. (they often omit that Gaza gets its power , fuel and water from Israel, and its residents get treatment in Israeli hospitals). How come this “big prison” manage to get thousands of rockets with sophisticated rocket launchers? Do they have an advanced arms industry?

So what is the game?

Simply, Iran, which supplied the rockets to Hamas, is testing Israel’s iron-Dome- the anti-missile shield. We also saw  some  rockets fired from south Lebanon (by Hezbollah, another Iran controlled terror group in Lebanon)  towards Israel. Iran hoping, one day, when it acquires the bomb, (or other weapon of mass destruction) that at least some missiles would manage to bypass the defence system and destroy Israel. and aim declared by Iranian leaders.

Obviously, it is desirable to totally disarm Hamas, and even destroy all those tunnels. But again, its presence serves many interested parties, the international Islamist movement led by Muslim Brotherhood, and even Netanyahu himself since it raises his popularity.



The ordinary Israeli citizens, and many Palestinians pay the price. While our media keeps misinforming us.