Details of Judicial Review of Muslim Brotherhood Status NOT BBC false Egypt Reporting

Once again fellow hacks in various sections of British media were quick to report rumours and gossip on streets of cairo and Egyptian social media as factual news, namely a false claim that the Egyptian government banned or outlawed the Muslim Brotherhood.  This led to Egyptian government quickly denying  media nonsense. Below are the full details of the judicial review, its recommendation and the background to who asked for the review, which was a group of Egyptian MPs, activists, women groups and others  who have nothing to do withe the government. Several court case to challenge the MB charitable status were filed some 14 months before June 30 movement that ousted them from power with help from the army and both Muslim Church ( Azhar) and Christian Church ( coptic) as well as all other political parties, trends, NGOs and trade unions  ina national council meetings 1-3 July 2013 . Below are the details.

The BBC again, in a report fill of mischievous misinformation and false historic facts reported the government denial as “‘No decision’ in Egypt on dissolving Muslim Brotherhood”  to continue giving the false impression that it was the Egyptian government in process of banning the group. The report also continue to spread the lie  that Egypt military banned the organist ion in 1954. ( truth it MB was banned by a civilian court in 1948 side years before that date, four years before 1952 coup, after trio when the Muslim Brothers murdered the Prime Minister hassan al-Naqrashi pasha , the peak in the organsation 15 years long campaign of terror. But BBC want to present the crisis in Egypt as Muslim Brothers against the military and the Egyptian people don’t exist).

Here is the full details of the today judicial review on Muslim Brotherhood status. A judicial review was set several months ago in response to request by a group on non-Islamists elected members of Egyptian parliament ( the people assembly) led by MP hamdy al-Fakharany and ion response to over 200 cases brought before several courts and files by many  individual lawyers, political parties and activists like women groups and artists harassed and terrorized by the MB. The Judicial Review panel  remit was reexamine the legal charitable states of Muslim Brotherhood Association ( initially registered as a charitable society under the 1946 Charities Act after winning an administrative Court ruing in 1954 to exempt MB from  Political Parties Ban decree by the Officers of 1952 Coup, signing a charity society undertaking that they were a non-profit making Islamic  evangelist society with no involvement in politics, violence or profit making commercial activities and adhering to the rules of regulation of 1946 Charities Act). After challenges from various political parties to their status and involvement in politics while they were exempted from regulations governing political parties, the Brotherhood presented application to ministry of social affairs last year. They jumped the normally five to seven months queue , period required to investigate their audit books, and activities by MSA lawyers and were  given NGO status by Ministerial Decree Number 644/2013 signed by minister of Social Affairs appointed by Dr Morsi last March ( 2012). The Judicial Review Board JRB found that the ministerial decree itself didn’t comply with the 1946 0charitable societies Act  & The 2005, (ammended  2008, 2011)  NGOs Act and examining evidence presented by Egyptian MP Hamdy al-fakhrany and group of lawyers as well as the lawyers of April 6 movement ( started 25 jan 2011 Revolution)  on the recorded activities of the MB Association, printed material, activities and public speech given by its Supreme Guide Executives Bureau as well as case number 6187 Muqatam court brought against BM executives for using fire arms against demonstrators, The Judicial Review panel found the MB association in breach of the rules of both Acts, hence the panel  recommended that the Administrative Court list the case for hearing and if evidence presented in breach of act, then NGO status could be revoked  as Ministerial Decree Number 644/2013 itself didn’t comply with guidelines and regulations of the Act.

The Administrative Court set October 18th date for hearing the case. Hence it is inaccurate to report the MB was banned or dissolved by the Egyptian Government. The case Is between individuals, Members of parliaments and political activists, and the courts and has nothing to do directly with the government.

It is not only embarrassing as a journalist to see those errors and inaccuracies by fellow reporters but also this shabby reporting aid anti-press freedom groups like hacked off good pretext to continue their campaign to censor the press.