British Public Misled by Journalists’ Failure to research Muslim Brothers Terrorism

Not only our news organisations, Broadcast and Fleet Street ( and the American ones across the pond)  covering Egypt failed to do any research on Muslim Brotherhood history of and association with terrorism, they also omit, from their copy or videos, historic facts, personalities and information vital to the narrative thus misleading British listeners, viewers and readers.

In their coverage of Egypt, BBC, Skynews, ITN, Channel 4, The Guardian, the Independent& the Telegraph, Middle East editors  or those calling themselves    ( or deluded themselves into believing to be) “Middle East Experts”, I realised that non of them did ANY research on Muslim Brotherhood history of terrorism, association with terrorism (which is well documented in many Egyptian court-records of  and cases since 1930s but majority were in 1940s, when scores of Muslim Brothers members found guilty  for murder, terrorism, attempt murder, grievous bodily harm, arson, increment etc) and documented in endless papers and books by members and former members. Those media organisations also did not do any research on Muslim Brotherhood contemporary stand on terrorism ( ie from 200 till now).

I sent many  tweets and  emails to Middle East Editors of the BBC, Guardian, Independent, asking them ( and offering 200 quid for the information) to find any record of  Muslim Brotherhood stand on two important issues: First an unambiguous statement of their  unequivocally renouncing their past terrorism ( 1930s-1954) and declaring they would only stick to peaceful political lawful means ( the same way the IRA stated after the Good friday Agreement ) – short statement not longwinded essay by a scholar justifying why we should take Muslim Brothers word at face value and give them a chance ( there are many Muslim Brothers members disguising as academics in think tanks and universities like Chatham House, Exeter, Oxford centre for Middle East studies).

second a statement from Muslim Brotherhood condemning 9/11 terrorism ( and other attacks like it). –

Non of those journalists and experts in the above media organs replied to my emails or my tweets because they didn’t find any. Because not only that Muslim Brothers did NOT go on record renouncing their terrorism, they applauded 9/11 ( many of their activists celebrated in the streets and gave sweets and drinks to passersby ) and Mohammed Morsi himself ( then an MP) accused American intelligence of staging it asking for an investigation to determine who did it. he and MB justified the 7/7 attacks on london transport system, and on Madrid trains blaming the west.

Had me fellow journalists did their research they would have realised that Muslim Brotherhood is still a terrorist organisation.

For example, in acres of print columns devoted to Egypt, endless broadcast and television reports, how many times the late President Anwar Sadat was mentioned?  Almost non.

How can Sadat be brushed out of the BBC coverage of Egypt? even when they talk about Americans threats to cut military aid, the context should be that it was his peace with israel, and switching alliance in the cold war from Soviet to NATO ( which trusted Egypt to be in charge of security southern mediterranean, hence US military reluctance to cut aid ). It was also Sadat who rehabilitated Muslim Brothers into the Egyptian political scene ( as a favour to King Faisal for his support on the eve of Yum Kippur war 1973 and to  balance strong opposition to his policy from the Nasserites and communists who controlled state run media) , but later they murdered him ( through one of their franchises) during 1981 Military parade. Sadat also essential in the narrative, as why the army and Sadat/Peace supporters turned against Morsi: Morsi in a national celebration invited Aboud al-Zummor, one of Sadat murder plotters to sit next to him during a military parade and embraced him in public during a national celebration.

The reality is that my fellow journalists, I am shamed to say, did not do the research properly in relationship between MB and terrorism. BBC, Channel 4, the Guardian and Independent defence of Muslim Brothers and the Times, The washington Post , the New York Time and The Daily  Telegraph, ( in  its idiotic comparison of Egypt  with Syria and  Algeria) merciless and relentless attack on the egyptian military ( which enjoys the support of the vast majority of Egyptians) is more to do with their ignorance and arrogance rather than any plot or conspiracy as the Egyptians think.

The fact is those people, especially fancying themselves “middle East experts” are angry and disappointed that the Egyptian people June 30 revolution, ( and their subsequent July 26 mass support for the Military and interim government) did not fit within their pre-pared script on how to cover the Egypt story and event before they landed there; so they twist the narrative in order to fit their script, and continue to mislead their viewers listeners and readers.