Egyptian people 30 June Revolution sent Global Isalamists into a Panic Meeting in Istanbul to Fight Back

The Muslim Brotherhood tanzeem douli  an international organization of Brothers held an emergency meeting Friday and saturday  in Istanbul. There are other smaller fringe meeting still going ion this weekend. They panicked after series of setback ( see main story) in Egypt, UAE, and anti- MB moves in Tunisia and Sudan. The meeting was called by the MBTD or the GLobal  to discuss what the MBTD called “the catastrophic situation” of the organisation reached after the dismissal of Mohamed Morsi in Egypt. The participants  expressed their deep concern at the prospects of splits in the group in Egypt and it was agreed to try to confront the situation by all means all means  below their agreed plan of action as well as the names of those attended, their position in their national and international MB orgnaistaion.

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Should Egypt Brace Itself for Islamist Terror?

While we continue the pinhead-dance whether ousting of Egypt first freely elected Islamist president Mohammed Morsi was a coup d’état, or, as most Egyptian see it,  the army forced carrying the will of the majority to salvage their revolution, situation on the ground deteriorated fast. Meanwhile British media is full pundits – hardly any of them have experience on the ground, or wheeling Islamists and non-Egyptian Hamas London members ( although misleadingly labelled to hide their identity) warning of Egypt sliding into civil war. While it is understandable that Qatar owned al-Jazeera might have its own agenda for deliberately using  the evocative term’ civil war’, it is hard to understand why ITN and BBC join this orgy of ignorance and use the term. Egypt demographic realities just doesn’t lend any credit to such foolish prediction.

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Eyewitness to Cairo shooting: Army used teargas Muslim Brothers used shotguns

  • Mirna el-Helbawy is a journalist here is a  Summary of her account of the incident at Rabaah Mosque Square where Muslim Brothers are gathering and holding a pro Morsi Protest. Continue reading

Why Egyptian Seculars Reject Obama & British Advice To Reach a Deal With Morsi?

Speaking to Egyptian secular and liberal activists and political leaders, there is a consensus that nobody should get into a deal ( as advised by the Americans and our British government)  with President Mohammed Morsi and his Muslim Brothers party and/or other Islamists like Salafis.  Egyptian secular and nationalists politicians and activists are wary of Morsi’s ability to double-cross them and using the deal or “dialogue to accommodate people’s’ demands ” ( as advised bt President Barak Obama)  just to buy time then welsh back on his agreement as he did last year once the momentum of people in the streets wears-off.

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Confrontation Looms in Egypt as Army Makes Morsi’s Position Untenable

Egyptian military leaders Monday afternoon clearly siding with majority of ( non Islamists) trends when giving “Egyptian political forces”  48 hours to “fulfil the people’s will and demands,” otherwise the armed forces would present a political “roadmap” for the country that would include all political currents. Since the people’s demands, as expressed by unprecedented numbers of demonstrators ( Egyptian Ministry of interiors figures were 18 Millions) were for President Mohamed Morsi to step down and held fresh election, the army leaders in essence made his position as a president untenable. At the same time Muslim Brothers called for marches from all mosques in support of Mr Morsi after the evening prayers.

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