Our Failure to Contain Islamic State Home and Abroad ©

The astonishing swift success of the Islamic State (or ISIL)  – moving from an obscure gang on the run in Iraq to a fully functioning resourceful mini-state within two years- is only matched by our successive governments’ failure in slowing  self-recruiting to the Jihadism cause among young British Muslims despite millions of taxpayer money wasted on a new industry: a laughably naive anti-radicalisation programmes.    

The astonishing  Islamic State terror caliphate  advance  is getting closer to home, with its latest story continue to receive  wall to wall media coverage thanks to  the unmasking of the world most wanted terrorist Jihadi john.

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Cameron Meets Juncker: Victory in Our Time ?

Prime Minister David Cameron had a meeting this morning in Brussels face to face with EU boss Juncker…..his spokesman enlightens us hacks ….

By the way folks.. this imposter Juncker was imposed as president by means no British subject would recognise as democratic…..

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