Osborne the Lactotpath ?

Osborne the Lactotpath?

Will the name stick to Chancellor George Osborne the way Milk Snatcher stuck to the late Lady Thatcher?

The term came to my head after it has been revealed that Chancellor George Osborne keeps a lock on his fridge in the Treasury to stop people stealing his milk, his Liberal Democrat deputy Danny Alexander MP has said to Westminster hacks this afternoon during the press Gallery monthly lunch.

I recalled the term bibliotpath for the one who hides his book under lock and key to stop other people reading them.

According to Mr Alexander, the fridge is also guarded round the clock by an official whose job is to prepare the Chancellor’s papers, sources claimed.

It was the first time in over four decades that milk made headlines and earned a politician a nickname. The late Baroness Thatcher was nicknamed Milk Snatcher after abolishing free milk to the over seven years old school children when she was a secretary of Education and science in Ted Heath Government in the early 1970.

Mr Alexander highlighted differences between Tory and Lib Dems “we have got our differences – I get my burgers from Burger King, ” Mr Alexander said.”We do share things – but not the milk which to my amusement he still keeps under lock and key.

A treasury aid the lock is old-fashioned padlock withal key not a digital one.