Peter Kassig’s Murder: Our Media & Politicians Response Play into The Hands of I.S.

Our Media coverage was predictable so was our politicians response, playing straight into the hands of the Islamic State IS.. Politicians appeasing Islamists and the media shackled itself by political correctness and appeasing Muslims …Both Missed vital points

Isamic State terrorists suffered major setbacks by air bombardment, their gains in Kurdish mountains were reversed they were stopped from destroying Mosul dam and retreated, they were stopped from overrunning Kobanie on Turkish borders.

The cold blooded murder of the US hostage Peter Kassig ( who converted and took the name Abdul Rahman is sign of frustration, revenge lashing to show their sick supporters their vengeance. There are other reason for his brutality and the timing of releasing the video at this stage:

A-    IS are media savvies and know exactly how our misguided media ( and editorial narrative set by incompetent immature inexperienced editors) would cover the story and plays into their hands:

1-     they would get some clever good sound-bytes kids form research centres, think tanks with no experience on the ground to give the WRONG analysis.. we already heard those clever kids saying  “ air-raids counterproductive”; “ don’t send ground troops that what the IS militants [ Our politically correct media led by BBC won’t call IS what they are: Terrorists]   blame British /American/Western foreign policy as recruiting sergeant for militants Islam” and most damaging analysis of all “ Jihadi John [ the despicable British Asian Muslim ] challenging the west to send troops on the ground so they can fight them and fits into their narrative it is western crusade against Islam and Muslims “ [ the prevailing BBC view throughout Sunday by  their own hacks analysis]

2-    Media would get some talking heads from “ moderate Muslims” condemning the murders “ which Islam doesn’t justify”, not in “ the name of Islam which is a religion of peace” etc etc and the rest of tiresome boring old jargon we hear every time an Islamise terrorist commits atrocity, kill a soldier in broad daylight in a London Street etc .. [not a single presenter in any of our networks asked the so called Muslim Leaders /moderate Muslims : Britis Muslims marched in support of Hamas, against war in Afghanistan or Iraq etc ..Where are their marches against such atrocities in te name of their religion if it is indeed a religion of peace hijacked by IS?]

3-    Politicians while condemning the “ cold blood murder “ .. They will – like the media above, with shameless laughable political correctness hypocrisy, carry on appeasing Islamsts .. Prime Minister  David Cameron in his statement condemning  the murder , he called the poor victim by his Muslim Name, to make it appear as it is a war by a degenerate  lunatic jihadists who hijacked Islam …( politicians carry on calling religion of peace etc) ….which our superficial media would repeat endlessly

4-    IS aim at general public opinion objection to send ground troops go a step higher   against involving troops on the ground (BBC and the left already set the agenda that western troops – mainly our British troops and US forces- as playing into the narrative of the British left ie blaming foreign policy.

In reality in historic context this totally false: The Muslim Brotherhood which is the root from which this tree of militant political Islam grew many branches, started a bloody terror campaign in Egypt in 1930s & 1940s bombing cinemas, bars, theatres, art galleries, murdering judges who sentenced their terrorists and assassinating many politicians including two Egyptian ie Ministers  and calling for establishing Islamic Caliphate to replace the Ottoman Caliphate which was ended and secularised by Ataturk  ( which explains Turkey’s Erdogan support and backing for Muslim Brothers ] this was decades before western troops went to Iraq or Afghanistan or even Oil became a big commodity in the Gulf.

Also IS and its older form ISIL and alQaeda in Iraq and Syria didn’t attack Israel or the American airbases ( In Qatar and in Turkey where they could reach) but only interested in colonial expansionism to emulate early Islamists insurgency of 7th century A.D. and Established the first Caliphate … Of course the media will hardly get any historian, scholar, or true expert who would correct this information nor will our politicians do as they carry on appeasing Islamists in fear of reprisals on hour streets..

Countries who did not send troops or got involved against Muslims still have jihadist plotting atrocities or go to join Isil like Denmark, Belgium, Germany.. or take the case of Nigeria, Boko Haram ?? the terror is against Nigerian

As you see Islamists violence has little to do with foreign policy.

B-    Contrary to lefties and liberals interpretations and our politicians IS do NOT want to fight western troops on the ground and want to reaction in the west to stop sending troops .

C-    Nobody in the media is questioning Turkey’s role. Is  conceivable that Turkish intelligence and their military and border guards surveillance teams on the border with Syria and given history of e security issues  as well as civil war there did not have the area  under 24 hours surveillance? Border crossing Kurdish  town , given the historic Kurdish problems in Syria and the Turks  don’t have full  intelligence just to wake up one morning and find the town of Kobani under ISIL siege and sit on their hands? Yet none of our media hotshots asked this question!

D-   For IS colonial expansionist ambition, they are systematically replicating the first Caliphate or Islamic state Capital Damascus then Bagdad. But the biggest prize for the first Arabian Islamic state invasion/colonialism was Egypt. The aim is to intimidate people there and cause collapse in morale of conscript Army soldiers fighting battles against terrorism in Sinai , as ISIL under another name Ansar bietel-Magdis ( Jerusalem Partisan) which is organisationally in connection with Muslim Brotherhood whose aims rare those of IS.

Ironically Egyptian media and people there are not scared or intimidated by the violence showed by IS in releasing video showing je murder of Peter Kassig and beheading of several Syrian soldiers being brutally beheaded.. the response by commentators and people in phone in media shows was defiance and disgust – exactly the opposite effect of what IS hopes

Non in the media made those links or questioned IS wider strategy for for the region