Should Egypt Brace Itself for Islamist Terror?

While we continue the pinhead-dance whether ousting of Egypt first freely elected Islamist president Mohammed Morsi was a coup d’état, or, as most Egyptian see it,  the army forced carrying the will of the majority to salvage their revolution, situation on the ground deteriorated fast. Meanwhile British media is full pundits – hardly any of them have experience on the ground, or wheeling Islamists and non-Egyptian Hamas London members ( although misleadingly labelled to hide their identity) warning of Egypt sliding into civil war. While it is understandable that Qatar owned al-Jazeera might have its own agenda for deliberately using  the evocative term’ civil war’, it is hard to understand why ITN and BBC join this orgy of ignorance and use the term. Egypt demographic realities just doesn’t lend any credit to such foolish prediction.

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