Eyewitness to Cairo shooting: Army used teargas Muslim Brothers used shotguns

  • Mirna el-Helbawy is a journalist here is a  Summary of her account of the incident at Rabaah Mosque Square where Muslim Brothers are gathering and holding a pro Morsi Protest.
  • Mirna el-Helbawi @Mirna_elHelbawi lives in a block of flats overlooking the square where the mosque is:
  • here is her tweets from the scene as translated  from Egyptian 
  • .Six hours ago: I live on the 1th floor, overlooking the square.
  • A l;to of commotion down.
  • Security & police chase people presumably Muslim Brothers activists,  APCs arrived, MB took refuge in a mosque and started firing gunshots shots from inside  the mosque at the approaching police and army personnel
  • :more Gun fire, people running, shout “Allahu Akbar”, more of army & Ministry Of Interior security ( MOI) arrive  …
  • MOI fires tear gas at the sit-in while the MB activists  shoot back at then from inside mosque with shotguns ( farmers type)..
  • It is a chaotic scene ,, Muslim Brothers shooting from inside the mosque.
  • APCs coming down Youssef Abbas street, some parked near the Mosque.
  • (reply) yes I live in the block over look Salah salem Avenue.
  • The Mosque Imam screaming in the loud speaker.. but no army or MOI came any where near the mosque, they keep their distance
  • Army & MOI pull back after snatching 3 MBs and leave the Immam screaming in his loud speaker
  • (reply) Yes I am on 14th floor balcony I can see the whole seven.. looks like a battle field.
  • MB shoot gunshots from inside the mosque; there’s a fire inside the mosque. MOI & army shoot teargas
  • Ambulances arrive and enter mosque, take injured people away…
  • (reply) yes I am witnessing this from my balcony on 14th floor
  • Shots fly by the balcony where I stand, sI am stepping back, unable to  take pictures. .
  • The Mosque  imam [ Vicar] is screaming over the loudspeaker. The army DID NOT  enter the mosque but has placed road blocks  all around.
  • MUslim Brothers shooting with Air-rifles and farmers shotguns  from the roof of the mosque and from a nearby building under construction…
  • (reply) Yes, I can see one of them taking aim he is on mosque roof.
  • more ambulances arrive, taking injured.
  • ( reply) NO army did not attack during prayer. they didn’t enter mosque. Muslim Brothers had already finished prayer, they came out of the mosque saw MOI and started running.
  • Arm/MOI start arresting some Muslim Brothers  members…more ambulances arrive taking injured away.
  • The Imam screaming in loudspeaker is not telling the truth. I tweeted what I have witnessed. I swear to god this is true.
  • The Imam shouts in loud speaker : we are here until death
  • MBs stand by Mosque entrance daring the MOI & soldiers to go to them.
  • MBs tell the people arrested by the MOI “hold on hero”
  • It is quiet now, sporadic shots. MBs still inside the mosque, screaming in loud speaker
  • My neighbor half naked angry and scramming at Muslim Brothers to shut up , thinking they would hear him form up here. “Go back o sleep granddad”
  • More ambulances arrive
  • Army pulling many MBs from the central audit office building hiding there
  • (reply) no women or children arrested. I saw non

Army officer shouting at resident who came down in the street to go back to their homes

– I missed tear gas for a while

MBs from inside the mosque rot MOI “can you do this at a church”…. but neither army nor MOI came near the mosque

(reply) there was exchange of shot guns and tear gas. Muslim BROTHERS were shooting from inside mosque.

I tweeted what I saw, I swear to god.

I swear to god, I can see Mosque from my balcony, no army or MOI entered it. MBs are inside. Army on the pavement the other side

I only took photos AFTER the firing stopped . I was looking from behind the glass, because of the teargas.

It was an exchange . I am not taking sides. Army fired teargas, MBs shot with shotguns, army returned fire. Exchange of fire.

No no neither army nor MOI blocekd ambulance. Ambulances were taking injured all the time.

Al-jazeera are liars they are ‘c***s’ I have witnessed it . Yes I swear too

my personal view, since the MBs proved to have fire arms in their sit-in, then the sit in should end. this is a residential area.

For the millionths time: army/MOI used teargas. Muslim Brothers fired shotguns

Please all go back and read start of my tweets before the fight

I went down stairs, I took pictures from where muslim brothers were sitting there are spent-shot-guns cartridges and spent ammunition

one army officer shot dead, two from MOI shot by MBs, hundreds of Muslim Brothers arrested .

I am not at Rabaa square I live on the corner with salad salem Avenue

people here say the saw  5 Muslim Brothers shot, also three officers shot

for the millionths time again : Arms & MOI arrived AFTER morning prayer . they did NOT attack or move during prayer. They used teargas, Muslim Brothers fired shot guns.

care takes in blocks near by say yesterday vans brought fire arms to mosque, this is why the MOI wanted to some today

I don’t understand why not CNN call me? I am a witness

Mosque Imam is a liar. I have counted 5 ambulances at the ver start

yes he is lying

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