One month into Egypt Summer of Discontent in

It was exactly a month ago that Egyptian Military put its three day old ultimatum ( to all political forces in the country to form a national unity government, or the army would enforce a road map out of the crisis). The result was the ousting of President Mohammed Morsi, and following steps clearly defined in the constitution for such eventuality. This account I wrote three weeks ago for the New African Magazine, now it has been printed. I can put it on this blog.

Four  weeks after masses of Egyptians –between 18m to 35 Million ( de-pneds whether you take  police or protesters figures) at least three fold the numbers who overthrew President Honsi Mubark regime in February 2011, took to the streets all over the country in  “ June 30 Revolution”  a tale of two Egypts still unfolding and edging toward serious, and possibly nasty clash.

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