Media Morsi Case Reporting: Through Western Supremacist Lenses ?

The news of Egyptian Public Prosecutor office issuing warrant ( through judicial court order to make it 15 days since PPO can only legally detain suspects for 4 days then release if not charged )  for arresting the deposed president Mohammed Morsi is confusing and complicated to explain since most of evidence remain incomplete.  It is rather unfortunate that non of the media reports, here in UK reports is complete, makes sense – from a legal view point- or details fro ordinary readers, viewers or listeners to understand what appeared or reported as politically motivated move.

While there are of course many people with political; motives in this saga, it is helpful, in my  view,  to try to get the some background-history-details as accurately as possible; and also to be aware of certain bias by several news organisations. Some for instance are politically motivated and made a conscious decision to be biased like Al-jazeera ( even the English one, which started by emulating ITN and tried practice on British journalistic traditions of separating news from comment, impartiality, checking sources etc, but were taken over by al-jazeera Arabic management which is infested by Islamist) the service is owned by the Sheikh of Qatar ( where Muslim brothers terror Guru Sheikh Qardawi is based, he was banned from entering France and before hat UK for preaching violence ).  Sheikh of Qatar  invested billions in supporting Muslim Brotherhood, now routed by majority of Egyptian people backed by the army. Their reporting is bias and get out of their way to deliberately misprint facts. The BBC and other British left wing media are obsessed with the Turkish Model of a moderate Islamists political party ” democratically ” elected by the  people so they can prove their favourite theory that  Islam and democracy  can share the same bed in moral comfort. They delude themselves into believing that Muslim Brothers were moderate hence they are the desirable historic bridge to cross from 60 years of ,military backed autocracy to the Turkish model. This view is shared by the British Foreign Office, the Obama administration in Washington and supported by western think-tanks (some staffed by Islamists or second and third generation of Muslim Brothers)  who push the theory of moderate MBs,  or by academics who never been to Egypt or just as visitors when they leave their ivory towers. Many Egyptian intellectuals argue that this recommendation was ” concealed racism” based on the western concept of superiority that nations perceived as ” Muslim nations” by supremacists   western academics and western think-tanks can only be ruled by fellow Muslims in a system of representation based on their ” Islamic culture and traditions” and at best by a  “Turkish model” system  not by a Westminster  style or any other western parliamentarian system of democracy.. This concept becomes a lens of prejudice through which BBC correspondents, with BBC usual over confidence that is often arrogance see events unfolding and refuse to accept that their preconceived view and analysis of the situation was wrong or inaccurate. So they ignore any other facts or events that might contradict what they already decided to be “the truth”. Other media emulated the BBC fashion of talking to themselves , so London presenter would speak to the regional editor ( he is not really an editor in journalistic definition but a reporter with super-status) to put his/her spin instead of an outsider or a specialist. Thus it is the BBC view still – financed by our licenec fees – rammed down the viewers’/listeners’ throats unchallenged. When they get external guests, they are often academics with no known experience of Egypt or of the region on the ground, but essentially subscribe to, the view held by the BBC, Foreign Office, Obama and the British left based on the racist concept that the Turkish Model is the only democracy Muslims are allowed to semi-enjoy under the racist opt-out clause ” compatible with Muslim culture and sensitivities”.  This prejudiced lens, I suspect, might have played the larger part of different media outlets ignoring the detailed background when reporting PP office charging Morsi ( and a handful of Muslim Brothers leaders)  under both criminal laws, Public Order Act, and safety regulations.

The list of accusations and charges – by many Egyptians whether columnists, politicians quoted or activists on social media-sphere – against Egypt first elected president ( since 1952 military coup) is too long to detail, especially with many of  the “charges” make sense. Not all those claims are covered by existing laws. However I will try to present information I managed to gather ( which might contradict  impressions create by lazy media reporting when correspondents fail to check facts or do their home work , or caused by and bias in  British left-wing media led by BCC  I will make clear what is my own opinion and what is quoted by Egyptian sources whether officials or politicians.

According to Egyptian ( non Islamists lawyers) and also the PP office spokesman,   Morsi is not charged for any political misdemeanor. The main charges for which the PPO sought a court order ( already issued) for his detention ( normally four days but court order allowed up to two weeks, which can be extended by another court order to 28 days) pending charges  pre-dates  his election to office in 2012. The actual offenses, PPO spokesman says date  back to end of January 2011. according PPO sources they issued a summon for Mr Morsi to answer allegations back in October 2011 but he ignored the summons. The PPO spokesman says there was a  number of applications made sand petitions by members of the public and families of policemen and prison-guards killed or injured in January 2011 armed breakout who filed complaints accusing Mr Morsi of being responsible for the deaths of their relatives. ” we had no option but to investigate as the law obliges us to do ” said the PPO spokesman adding that only the allegations which were covered by existing laws ( i.e. at the time of the alleged offenses in January 2011) were investigated and from within the listed allegations covered by laws . The PPO lawyers looked at ” evidence backed by witnesses willing to testify in court” backing the  allegations from the list. ” Only those [ allegations] backed by evidence strong enough to convict, became the base for the PPO summon to Mr Morsi last year.

When asked why now? The timing looks a bit suspicious given the polarisation in Egypt which also makes the charges seem politically motivated, the PPO source said the summon was issued last year but not only Mr Morsi ignored it, he made changes in the PPO replacing its head and the new one put away the summons and also helped by his cooperation when confronted by evidence including recordings of his own phone calls ( although the sources declined to give further details).  Egyptian lawyers say Mr Morsi’s “unconstitutional” replacement of the Public Prosecutor [ head of PPO]  and The Attorney General was a major factor in stopping the PPO from bringing the charges against him. ( This was among the list of accusations against him when Tamarud put a petition signed by 22 million people for hymn to step down. Other opposition groups accuse Mr Morsi of changing the head of PPO in order to stop putting him on trial for the murder of prison-guards during his escape).

So according to the version put by PPO ( which i guess will be the official one since it will be included in the file presented to the court) it is the circumstances created by the timing of June 30 revolution leading to his overthrow,  which now enabled the PPO to dust off the file and to re-serve the summon on Mr morsi after bios hand-picked head of PPO  blocked the process.

If you follow Egyptian lawyers and political activists on face book and other social/political media you’s be lost in a maze of accusations and conspiracy theories. Many are just pure nonsense and many others might be circumstantial but wouldn’t stand in court, while  many other accusations are based on political differences.

It also depends on who you speak to when you try to get some sense from sources in Cairo from the PPO ( known as al –Niyabah al-Aamah – or the state attorney) as well as lawyers and security sources. Some speak good English. Others who don’t could also confuse you if you are not familiar with Egyptian legal terms ( many based on french laws). The latest calls I made to day didn’t add much to  background information to the case as reported a couple of days ago  in  al-masry El-Youm, English edition known as Egypt-Independent . The first charge ( plotting with foreign terrorists break out of jail which caused death and injury) is what Morsi is held under and PPO condiment they have enough evidence to convict.

IT was the mysterious way by which Mr Morsi ( who was serving a prison sentence on terrorism related charges along with other  maximum security convicted prisoners and convicted foreign terrorists from Hamas, the palestinian movement,) managed to escape from maximum security valley of Natroun prison on january 28th 2011.

Witnesses report an armed attack by suspected Palestinian terrorists which claimed several lives among prison staff and traffic policemen.  Communications were cut off after power supply repeater station was blown up. But al-jazeera correspondent – again without any plausible explanation as why he was his crew at the prison,  which is 200 miles south west of cairo in the DESERT totally isolated. is reported to have provided Morsi with a satellite phone to give live interviews.

According to Egyptian media reports last year, Morsi refused to answer questions from journalists regarding his prison escape, or where did he go for 10 days dusting which there was no account of his where about or how come the al-jazeera team happened to be  there at the time of the attack?. Who arranged the smuggling of weapons and the involvement of foreign terrorist group? ( please note those questions are NOT mine but raised in Egyptian media since May 2011 and still being asked )

Questions which not only touch on national security as well as national interest to the public became preoccupation of the media and generated conspiracy theories. But what interested PPO were questions raised  raised by relatives of prison staff  killed or injured during the break out. There are other charges filed by various interested parties which, according to the penal code, the office of Public Prosecutor have to investigate and if there is enough evidence, bring charges.

The list , according to Egyptian media is long ( again those are NOT MY reports,) : making deals with foreign powers/interests without parliamentary approval ( or public bodies and ministerial study in absence of elected parliament ) ie: A Deal with Qatar for 99 years concession of Suez canal ( sensitive national issue since its nationalisation by Colonel Nasser in 1956 led to Suez war), authorising smuggling of fuel through illegal tunnels to hams in Gaza while there was fuel shortage in Egypt, supplying Hamas with electricity via power-cables NOT authorised through government channels while egyptians face power cuts.  Letting his men in ID agency provide hamas terror suspects with egyptian IDs without going through the parliamentary committee( as required by Nationality and Identification Act 2007 & 2011 amendments ), refusing ( in his capacity as the Supreme Leader of Armed Forces) to endorse the order of Chief of Staff of the army to start operations against terrorist cells roaming free in Sinai ( on record saying he couldn’t allow Muslim soldiers to fight “fellow” muslims, as reported by several papers) same goes for his refusal to endorse orders given for Egyptian Special forces to go on rescue mission after Hamas kidnapped Egyptian border guard and more seriously ( in the eyes of many egyptians) is letting the political-bureau of Muslim Brotherhood ( known as maktab al-Irshad or the office of the supreme-guide) leaking details of the army plan to Hamas affiliated terrorist. Other ‘requests to investigate for possible charges ‘filed with the OPP include letting the  of MB make plans that Morsi turned presidential decrees ( take effect as law enforced  administrative orders ) after he fiddled with constitution in absence of parliament. The OPP itself investigating police request  under the 1936 Public Order Act accusing Morsi of inciting violence which lead to death, grievous bodily harm, destruction of private and public property, distress, and public disorder by his speech. A separate request  under the same act awaiting a full police intelligence unit’s analysis  of  his speech on Wednesday July 5th for hidden coded instructions to sleeper cells especially his use of the term  “legitimacy” as coded instructions to the secrete apparatus al-Gihaz al-Sirri of Muslim Brotherhood ( established before WW2 with IRA like structure and carried many assassinations and bombing); if proven and OPP found evidence that would stand in court, then he can be charged with both conspiracy to murder, injury etc ( Criminal Code 1899)  and also under Public Order Act. there are many other accusations ( especially if you follow egyptian lawyers arguments on facebook ) .. but the above is what i understood from cairo Office of Public Prosecutor

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